Exploring Kidepo National Park, A Gem in the Wild

Explore Kidepo Valley National Park – Gem in the Wild

In the north eastern boarder of Uganda, Kenya and Sudan, amidst the rugged semi-arid Naurus vallies the relays the true African wilderness experience. Kidepo valley National park a magnificent open savanna with stunning scenery, just you and the wild life looking and listening with all possible interactions with each other in the African wilderness as you can imagine it and fantasize, the rugged beauty and wild life is incomparable and innumerable to any other in Uganda and only comparable to a few in Africa.

This rare gem in Uganda is to die for; it is rather isolated from the main stream and circuits of most national parks in Uganda and thus has remained virgin for a long time with least interruptions of the wildlife there. Although the distance is rather long, the benefits exceed the distance. You could charter a flight or there are also scheduled flights to Kidepo Valley National Park and for those seeking after an even more adventurous encounter or on budget, you could explore the road option. The route to the park has lots to offer. If you choose to sleep inside the park it is even more rewarding as you wake up to the sight and melodies of hundreds of bird species and wildlife that grace these plains breaking through the stillness of the wild. It is relaxing as you experience nature’s splendor and behold its beauty.

On an early morning game drive on the un-crowded tracks you could experience the abundance of wildlife like never before. Drive Across the savannah hills passing dry and white sandy seasonal river beds and the superb ring of mountains around you,Pursue the landscape here in Kidepo, you could encounter prowling in the savannah steadily following their prey and calculating their every move. You could even encounter some up in the trees, other predators like the hyena, leopard, jackals, cheetahs, large herds of buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, the bat eared fox, elands, bushbucks, defassa, oribi, hartebeest, Bohor reed buck, the list goes on and on and finally ostriches wondering where everyone is going!! This is the only park in Uganda where they this happens. No game drive is the same even if you took the same route again and again each unveils a new opportunity, a new gem and even better views.

An African game drive doesn’t only happen in the morning. There is further magic and rewards in the evening drives. Enjoy a beautiful sunset painted with wildlife, against the towering mountains. This scenic beauty is indescribable. You could also enjoy an evening drink as you take in the splendor and the tranquility constant barged in by the one or more of the 475 species that charm this park and the wild lives.

Experience a day in life of the proud Karamajong people who have refused to give into civilization; they are still animists and their love for the short horned cattle. These people are similar to the Masai of Kenya in many ways. They believe all cattle belong to them and is a God given right. Prepare a local meal with them, share it, dance play with the mand get to experience there life experiences and why they have refused to give in to civilization.

The park is also a splendor to birders with about 475 bird species, with 56 birds of prey including the Verreaux’s eagle owl, Egyptian vulture, pygmy falcon, among others. 14 species are endemic to Kidepo valley, it is also the only park where you can meet the common ostrich in Uganda

All that said and done you could finally hike the Morungole Mountain found in the park. On top of this mountain you will encounter the ik clan of the Karamajong. They will also share their life experiences and their way of life.

Like mentioned earlier a Uganda safari to Kidepo may be demanding in terms of time and finances but the benefits are far much more than you can imagine, a wildlife safari to Uganda should have a big focus on this to have the best out of Africa.

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